Blame It On the Tetons
Mountains, Deserts, Stars.
This is a blog for those who love the American West. From snow covered mountain tops to vast, dry deserts, to being engulfed by a pitch black night sky under a blanket of stars.

Note: no photos are mine unless otherwise stated. Credit is given to all photographers. If you want a photo removed, I am more than happy to comply. All photos are click-through links.

Somewhere Along US Route-285 in Colorado

lower antelope canyon.put it into perspective.
Sunrise on the High Country (by Zach Dischner)
milkyway over ruins 5-4-13 (by CaptDanger)
Monument Valley - East and West Mitten Buttes (by MToug)

Ancient  Graffiti    Utah
Zion Canyon (by Edsome)
Purple Heart (by Eddie 11uisma)
Morning Sunshine (by Kirk Lougheed)